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This is our boat, a 33 feet (10.3 metres) Sunbeam sloop made by the Austrian shipyard Schochl Yachbau of Salzburg.

Manufactured in 2002, it has marine and solid features, which make this boat suitable for open sea navigation. It also has every simple but fundamental comfort and equipment.

ABSIRTO is made of two separate king-size cabins – one is at the bow and the other is at the stern of the ship. Moreover, it has a spacious and comfortable living area where you can have two more berths. This area has a small but comfortable galley, which is equipped with oven and a spacious manhole fridge. Next to it, there is a separate room with an ample toilet.

This sailing boat, homologated for seven people, has yet six bunks. It belongs to the A Category of the European Certification and it can sail without limits from the coast.

Its cockpit is on deck, it is ample and comfortable if compared with the standard of these models. Its rudder tiller makes the navigation pleasant also for the guests on board.

ABSIRTO is not very big, so it can host four people besides the two of us, who are part of the crew.


For this reason, sailing with our boat will be a jolly experience and it will become a Laboratory on how to “Go sailing”.


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