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This is our crew – Paolo and Stefania.


Actually, apart from being ship owners, scullions, ship’s boys and handymen, we are also the crew of this sailing boat.

Our adventure has not started a long time ago, yet it is true that “When you get soaked for the first time, you will never be dry again”.

We are mountain dwellers borrowed to the sea. Starting with “Laser”, then we changed to our first boat “Salsaparilla” – an EC8 Epaminonda Ceccarelli bought in partnership with our friend Ivan. After that, our adventure with ABSIRTO began and it has seen no interruptions since then.

Strategic captain Paolo is busy with planning and following routes. Stefy, on the other hand, devotes herself to regulations and the interpretation of the wind. Together we will be pleased to make you fall in love with the sea, the wind and the freedom only a sailing boat con offer you.

Once we leave the harbour behind and switch the engine off, the sound of silence and of the wind will become part of you.

After several seasons in the Adriatic Sea, another adventure is waiting for us in the spring of 2016. 

God willing, we will be sailing to Malta archipelago – Gozo and Comino islands.

“Important projects were made starting by small steps…”

Our dream has started…



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